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BiB - Bioinformatics forum in Bergen - was formed in December 1999 to serve as a forum for both users and developers of Bioinformatics in Bergen!

A primary reason for forming BiB was to help spread information on bioinformatics in Bergen - both on the use of bioinformatics tools and databases as well as on development of new tools and systems. Bergen is in a favourable position for bioinformatics, firstly because here are many users with experience from a broad range of aereas within bioinformatics, ranging from macromolecular structure studies, sequence analysis, databases, genome analysis and phylogeny; and secondly, because the Bioinformatics group at the Department of informatics, UiB, has has established both bioinformatics research and a regular educational programme. BiB will therefore also serve as a forum where users and developers can meet and exchange ideas and thereby facilitate formation of active collaborations across departmental and institutional borders. Such collaborations could become basis for joint applications for external research funding.

BiB activites:

Local meetings
were different groups present their work, either as users or as developers.

Bioinformatics news:

[ 26-JUN-2000]
The Human Genome is (nearly) sequenced.
Scientists atWelcome Trust and Sanger Centre i Cambridge together with several laboratories worldwide
and the american company Celera announced today that they have completed the first draft of the Human Genome Sequence
Read More:Sanger - Celera.

First human chromosome sequence: chromosome 22.

IBM dedicates it's next generation super computer Blue Gene to the protein folding problem.

First release of InterPro, an integrated resource for protein domains and functional sites.

Guest Lectures
We will collaborate to seek funds for inviting experts on various topics
We can collaborate to arrange advanced cources for selected topics in bioinformatics.
BiB helps arrange the first Scandinavian EMBOSS workshop in Bergen, 4-5 September, 2000.
Users and Developers WebForum.
We will use the new tools for internet-based communication, such as Kark, to promote exchange of knowledge and experience with tools and tool development. [We are using Kark in the new course KB207 - Applied Bioinformatics].
We could lobby locally and at the national level for creating a better infrastructure for bioinformatics in Bergen and in Norway.
BiB directory. [for members only]
If we all know something about each others research interests and how we use bioinformatics, then it should be easier to get relevant advice - and the possibilities for cross-group interactions and collaborations increase!

As of December 11th 1999, 49 scientists and students have registered with BiB.
On December 9th, the first
BiB meeting was held with two speakers and about 50 attendants

If you would consider joing BiB, we kindly ask that complete the BiB OnLine Registration Form so that we can get an overview of who is interested and what kind of activities are going on. You can also use this form to UPDATE the information you already gave for you self.

Please help spread the information on this initiative.

Bergen, December. 1999

Rein Aasland
Department of Molecular Biology


Ingvar Eidhammer
Bioinformatics group
Department of Informatics