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Dear BiB members and potential NEW BiB members,

Thirty-five scientists and students have now registered their interest in BiB, and we think the time is there to have the first BiB meeting. Therefore, we are happy to invite you all to:

The Inaugural BiB Meeting
Large Auditorium (2144), Databuilding
High Technology Centre (HIB)

Thursday December 9th at 16:15 - 18:00


Lecture (~30 min + questions):
Inge Jonassen

Department of informatics, University of Bergen
Use of the sequence pattern discovery program Pratt
to identify new sequence motifs in DNA and proteins.

Lecture (~30 min + questions):
Dr. Frank Nilsen
Department of Aquaculture, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen
Construction of phylogenetic trees:
what is a good phylogenetic tree?

General discussion on BiB chaired by
Rein Aasland and Ingvar Eidhammer
What kind of activities should BiB have?


If you have not yet registered to join BiB,
please take the time to read about the BiB-initiative and Use this form to register.

Bergen, November 24. 1999

Rein Aasland
Department of Molecular Biology


Ingvar Eidhammer
Bioinformatics group
Department of Informatics