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The FYVE finger

Endosomal Localisation of the Autoantigen EEA1 is Mediated by a Zinc Binding FYVE Finger
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by Harald Stenmark(1), Rein Aasland (2), Ban-Hock Toh (3) and Antonello D'Arrigo(1)

(1) Department of Biochemistry, the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway.
(2), Laboratory of Biotechnology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
(3) Department of Pathology and Immunology, Monash Medical School, Victoria, Australia.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(39): 24048-24054 (1996).
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The FYVE finger is a novel zinc finger-like domain found in several proteins involved in membrane trafficing. The basic motif consists of 8 Cysteins, 4 of which are part of the core motif R+HHC+XCG (where '+' is a positively charged residue and 'X' is any aminoacid). This finger has only been observed as a single copy in each of the proteins and it has been shown to bind 2 zinc ions per finger. In this work, it was shown that the EEA1 (Early Endosome Associated protein 1) requires it's FYVE finger for endosomal localisation, - and most likely, the EEA1 FYVE finger is sufficient for endosome targeting of this protein. The FYVE fingers in other proteins may play similar roles.


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