Støtte til eksternfinansiert forskning (BOA)

The Bergen MSCA IF- Master Class 2017/18

This program aims to recruit talented, young postdocs from outside Norway to UiB through the mobility program Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship.

Expression of Interest for hosting MSCA fellows (Post-docs)

The UiB MSCA-IF Master Class Program 2018

The Division of Research administration calls for Expression of Interest from researchers at UiB who would like to act as supervisors for Marie-Skłodowska-Curie fellows in the period 2019-2020/21.

UiB is launching a pilot Master Class program (“Bergen-MSCA-MC”) for potential applicants to the MSCA-Individual Fellowship program 2018.

The aim of the program is to attract and train young and talented researchers to successfully applying for MSCA-IF with the University of Bergen as host. Candidates will be pre-selected based on their expression of interest. Promising candidates will be invited to the University of Bergen to meet with their supervisors, to attend a full course on the proposal writing and to make use of full support in the application writing process by UiB advisors.

Applications are open to all research fields. Highly merited researchers disposing considerable external funding are especially encouraged to express their interest in this program. There is a limit of 30 candidate fellows to the MC program.

The Master Class will be organized at UiB from 02 – 04 May 2018 (see program below) and it will offer an opportunity for you to invite talented young researchers, either through your own network or through an open call in various international networks (like EURAXESS).

All costs related to the MC program, including travel and accommodation for candidates, will be covered by the MC-program (PES scheme). The only prerequisite for full reimbursement of candidates is the submission of the MSCA IF application.

Candidate fellows and supervisors will be guided throughout the whole application process with deadline on 12th September 2018. Only those who get funding through the European Commission’s MSCA IF program will be admitted to UiB.

To express your interest to become a supervisor, please fill the attached form (Expression of Interest) and submit the completed  not later than the 4th December 2017.

Please consult our information page on the MSCA IF scheme for information on candidate eligibility and details of the grant, or contact Emmanuel.Babatunde@uib.no for any questions on the funding scheme and the MC program.


For Supervisors

1. Title / Full Name / Institute / Faculty / and other affiliations (center etc) / position
2. Research area (e.g. Energy/Physical Sciences or Energy/Social Sciences)
3. Short description of research specialization/project (max. 1500 characters incl. space). This description will be included in the international advert.
4. Short track record incl. funding, and summary of supervision experience (1 page).

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Plan of Action 2017/2018




15.11.2017Call for supervisor applications at UiB opensMSCA MC Com
04.12.2017Deadline for UiB Supervisors to express their interestSupervisors
15.12.2017Adverts in EURAXESS and other relevant networksMSCA MC Com
02.02.2018Deadline for candidates  applications to the “Bergen-MSCA-MC”Candidates
15.02.2018Selection of candidatesSupervisors/MC Committee
16.02.2018Letter of invitation sent to candidatesMSCA MC Com
23.02.2018Response from candidates sent to supervisors/cc FA and local advisorsCandidates
13.04.2018Candidates submit a draft project proposal to SupervisorCandidates
02.05 - 04.05 2018MSCA Master Class (program will be sent out to candidates and supervisors)Candidates/Supervisors/MSCA MC
June - September 2018Proposal Writing and SupportCandidates/Supervisors/LCPs/local Advisers
12.09.2018Deadline for submission of ApplicationCandidate/Supervisor