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Course DIKULT103

Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games

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Number of credits 15
Course offered (semester) Spring
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Aim and Content

This course will provide an introduction to genres of cultural artifacts particular to the network and the computer, specifically computer and network art, electronic literature, and computer games. Traditional conceptions of genre and categories of cultural artifact, such as art object, performance, novel, poem, and game are undergoing redefinition in the context of digital culture, and new genres of cultural artifacts are emerging, which require new models of textual analysis specific to the computational media and network context in which these artifacts are produced and distributed. DIKULT103 provides an overview of these emerging genres, and an introduction to the models of academic discourse and analysis particular to them. Students in the course will learn to analyze contemporary digital artifacts on a textual and structural basis, within the general framework of genre studies.

Learning Outcomes

After taking the course the student should have:
- knowledge of key theoretical concepts within the understanding of digital art and network-based popular culture genres
- knowledge of contemporary genres within digital and network-based art practice, electronic literature and computer games
After taking the course the student should be able to:
- Compare and contrast digital genres with each other and with related analog genres
- Apply narratological and ludological concepts in the analysis of digital works
- Describe digital artifacts such as computer programs and texts

Course offered (semester)


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Access to the Course Unit

The course is open to all students with the right to study at UiB.



Recommended previous knowledge


Teaching Methods

The instruction will be given as lectures, over 13 weeks.

If less than five students are registered to a course, the department might reduce the teaching, please see the departement´s guidelines regarding this on "My page". Regarding a course where this is a possibility the students get information about this at the beginning of the semester, and before the deadline regarding semesterregistration 1.February/1.September.

Compulsory Requirements

Two compulsory assignments in connection with the teaching, in the form of two short written analyses of digital cultural artifacts. The compulsory assignments must be assessed as approved before the student can take the final exam.

In order to take the exam it is required that the student has participated in at least 75 percent of the teaching and classroom activities. Course participation is approved by the course leader.

Assessment methods

School exam (5 hours).

Grading Scale

Grade scale A-F.

Reading List

About 1000 pages of assigned reading.

Place of Teaching


Course Unit Evaluation

Course evaluation: Evaluation will be conducted in accordance with the University of Bergen's quality assurance system.

Contact Information

Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.