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Emne KOGVIT101

Oversyn over kognitiv vitskap

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Studiepoeng 10
Undervisningssemester Spring
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The purpose of this course is to give students at the bachelor's program in cognitive science an understanding of the field of cognitive science with an interdisciplinary perspective. The course takes up models of cognition that have been developed based on empirical studies of human and artificial intelligence. We will look at models of knowledge representation, reasoning, learning, comprehension and use of natural language, perception, and consciousness as they relate to thinking. Furthermore, we look at how cognitive science has its roots in various subjects such as computer science, information science, linguistics, psychology and philosophy. We will explore their common assumptions and how the connections between the subjects are established by cognitive science as an interdisciplinary research area.


Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of how knowledge from computing, linguistics, psychology and philosophy can combine to give us an understanding of thinking.
  • explain how the other courses in the program contribute to cognitive science, and has a basis for specialization in the master degree.
  • reflect critically on issues that are central to cognitive science.












Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Krav til studierett

Open to all students at the University of Bergen and to international exchange students.

Krav til forkunnskapar


Tilrådde forkunnskapar

Basic knowledge of programming and linguistics.

Undervisning og omfang

Lectures, seminars, tutoring. (Normally two hours of lectures and two hours of group instruction per week for 10 weeks.)

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

Presentation of the course assignment in class. Active participation in demonstrations and experiments.


3-hour graded written examination (50%) and graded semester assignment (50%).


The grading system has a descending scale from A to E for passes and F for fail.


KOGVIT101 is evaluated by students every three years, by the Department every year.