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Emne SAMPOL305

Multivariat dataanalyse

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Studiepoeng 15
Undervisningssemester Autumn 
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Mål og innhald

The content of the course consists of the following primary components: Linear Regression; Assumptions of the linear regression model; Multiple regression with dummy independent variables; Violations to OLS assumptions: model selection and multicollinearity; Violations to OLS assumptions: heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation; Regression model for binary dependent variable; Regression model for categorical dependent variable; Panel Data: Fixed effect and Random effect; Dynamic econometric models: Autoregressive and distributed-lag Models; Multilevel models.





Upon completion of the course the student shall have achieved the following learning outcomes.

  • First, the student has become familiar with quantitative research techniques (with a concentration upon regression analysis).
  • Second, the student has developed the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in the existing research which has applied such quantitative research techniques.
  • Third, the student is able to apply the statistical techniques learned in the course. The techniques will be applied to specific small task problems as well as more systematically applied in developed home essay.
  • Fourth, the student has developed proficiency in the application of the statistical software STATA. This has been developed both in the seminar context as well as in the home essay.













Department of comparative politics


Krav til studierett

The course is reserved for students enrolled in the Master¿s program at the University of Bergen, or students enrolled in an equivalent Master¿s program nationally or internationally. 

Krav til forkunnskapar

Fulfilment of general admission requirements to Master¿s Program in Comparative Politics

Undervisning og omfang

Form: Lectures and Seminars. Approximately 12 lectures and approximately 6 seminars

Hours per week: About 4

Number of weeks: About 16




Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

Two required home assignments will be completed in the context of the seminars. Each of these assignments must be approved in order for the student to receive the right to sit for the final course examination. In addition, attendance at a minimum of 75% of the class and seminar sessions is required to pass the course.



6 hour desk exam (45%) of final grade

Home essay (45%) of final grade (4000 words)

Class participation (10%) of final grade




The course is evaluated regularly



studieveileder@isp.uib.no /55583316