Bergen Network for Women in Philosophy

The Bergen Network for Women in Philosophy (BNWP) aims to increase the proportion of women studying and working in philosophy. The network was established to counterbalance the overwhelming number of men dominating the discipline. The proportion of women faculty members in permanent positions is 13%. Women are also clearly underrepresented at both graduate and undergraduate levels of study. Experience shows that men have greater access to informal professional social fora than women and that women, for various reasons, can feel excluded from these. One of the network’s central tasks is working to increase the proportion of women in philosophy at all levels, both amongst students and faculty members. Each semester the network arranges a lecture series open to everyone. A yearly conference is arranged, but for network members only. Other activities are arranged on an ongoing basis.

BNWP events this semester:

Wednesday 18 October, BNKF lunch, 12.30-13.30

Thursday 2 November, BNKF seminar (Caroline Stampone Oliveira), 18.15-20.00

Thursday 16 November, BNKF lunch, 12.30-13.30 

Thursday 30 November-Friday 1 December, BNKF conference


There will be more information in the calendar before each arrangement.



BNWP lunch

Bergen Network for Women in Philosophy organises lunch for female students in philosophy Wednesday 18. October, 12:30 - 13:30 at the seminar room 1th floor, Sydnesplassen 12/13.


Kristina Miklavic: Shame as a Norm Regulator for Gendered Subjectivities

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