Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO

Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) is a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen. 

The center is working on new cancer biomarkers and targeted therapy, and has particular focus on mechanisms that show how cancer cells are affected by the microenvironment in the tumors, and what significance this has for cancer proliferation and poor prognosis. Centre Director is Lars A. Akslen, Department of Clinical Medicine. Read about our research and activities in the CCBIO Annual Report.

Project managers
CCBIO has eight principal investigators:

annual meeting

CCBIO Annual Symposium 2018

Join us the 6th CCBIO Annual Symposium, which takes place at Solstrand Hotel May 23-24 2018!

Satellite symposium to the CCBIO Annual Symposium 2018

Liquid Biopsy Symposium

A Satellite Symposium on Liquid Biopsy will take place 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. May 22nd 2018 at Solstrand Hotel, the day before and at the same place as the CCBIO Annual Symposium 2018.

Research stay abroad

Sabbatical life in San Francisco

How is life like on a sabbatical research stay abroad? We have asked CCBIO PI Donald Gullberg to give us some insight, currently on a year's research stay in San Francisco.


Honorary Member of the Norwegian Society of Pathology

The CCBIO Director Lars A. Akslen was recently awarded as Honorary Member of the Norwegian Society of Pathology (DNP). Akslen has former been chairman of the association during two periods, 2008-2012.


Cancer Crosslinks for the 10th time

This year, Cancer Crosslink was organized for the 10th time, and top-notch international speakers attended the meeting entitled “Precision Treatment: Exploiting Recent Advances – Fast and Furious?”. CCBIO postdoc and gynecologist Liv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen chaired the meeting together with...

Shortcuts: Read CCBIO's Annual Reports and the CCBIO Newsletter

CCBIO is established in 2013 by the Research Council of Norway in collaboration with the University of Bergen. Other important sources of financial support are Helse Vest and the Norwegian Cancer Society. CCBIO is part of the Research Council of Norway's Centres of Excellence (CoE) scheme. The scheme organizes the activities of Norway’s foremost scientific circles in centres to achieve ambitious scientific objectives through collaboration and long-term basic funding.