Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO

International network and affiliated investigators

Throughout 2016, CCBIO was in the process of formalizing its international network, mainly in the form of employing high ranking researchers within various fields of cancer research in 10% adjunct professor and researcher positions.


Illustration of a doctor and a network of people all over the global map.

CCBIO’s rationale with this network is to establish an array of experienced advisors on scientific projects, collaboration, networks, and research strategy, as well as to perform joint research in the forefront and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Another important aim is to enable CCBIO’s Research School to have researchbased courses on the highest level and to enable co-supervision and exchange of research- and postdoctoral fellows.

By the end of 2015, Professors Arne Östman and Jean Paul Thiery had commenced their positions. During 2016, we have added another 11 highly ranked international affiliated investigators to our network, and have already experienced good results in terms of fruitful collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Please find below short bios about all our affiliated investigators. (WORK CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS)

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