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Jean-Christophe Bourdon

Dr. Jean-Christophe Bourdon earned his PhD in cellular and molecular biology in 1997 at the Paris XI University, France. He is currently senior lecturer at the College of Medicine at Dundee University. He became co-director of the Inserm-European Associated Laboratory (Toulouse University, France) in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious fellowship from Breast Cancer Campaign in 2012.

Dr. Bourdon is author on 66 articles in peer-reviewed journals (5 book chapters, 6 review and editorial letters). He is regularly invited to give keynote lectures at international institutes and conferences. He sits at the Scientific Advisory Boards of Breast Cancer Now and is a member of the British Breast Group.

Dr. Bourdon has organized several international conferences and is the principal organizer of the International p53 Isoform Conference. He reviews for several top-high impact Journals such as Cell, Nature and eLife and for major international funding agencies.

Dr. Bourdon’s expertise is particularly in the human p53 gene. His research group has demonstrated that p53 isoforms are associated with cancer patient prognosis.The aims of his research group are:
1) to characterize the biological activities of the p53 isoforms in cancer, particularly in breast cancer;
2) to establish regulation of p53 isoforms expression at the mRNA (splicing, internal promoter) and protein levels (proteasome degradation);
3) to define p53 isoform as predictive treatment biomarkers (personalized treatment) and
4) to develop new drugs that modulate p53 protein isoform expression in order to control cell response to cancer treatment.