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Therese Sørlie

Therese Sørlie got her PhD at the University of Oslo in 2000. She is currently adjunct professor at CCBIO and researcher and group leader at the Department of Cancer Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital.

She has over the years served in several scientific boards and committees, currently at the EACR Board, the Advisory Board for Research at the Cancer Clinic (KRE) at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), and the ESMO 2018 Scientific Committee. She is author on 52 articles in peerreviewed journals and 16 reviews, book chapters and editorials, is a sought-after invited speaker, reviewer of manuscripts for several journals and peer reviewer of proposals for the European Research Council.

Sørlie’s group investigates breast tumor initiation and progression; from the cell of origin in which the first oncogenic events take place, the specific pathways and processes that are deregulated in the further progression of the tumors, to the specific events that are essential for the transition from in situ to invasive cancer. The aim is to identify the cellular origins of breast tumors and the mechanisms behind tumor initiation and further development into the heterogeneous molecular subtypes.