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Arne Östman

Professor Arne Östman received his PhD in 1990 on Plateletderived growth factor from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala University. He is currently an internationally renowned researcher within the field of molecular oncology and a full professor at the Karolinska Institute (KI).

Professor Östman is the coordinator of STARGET, a center-of-excellence network on tumor stroma based at the Karolinska Institute, with 10 year funding from the Swedish Research Council of 10 million SEK/year (2006-), vice-coordinator of STRATCAN, a government funded initiative for development of excellent cancer research at KI (2010-), and deputy head of department (2010-13).

In terms of academic evaluation, he is or has been on the evaluation committees of the Swedish Cancer Society (2007-) and the Swedish Child Cancer Society (2003-14), grant evaluation boards for EU, ERC, CRUK, ANR, DKH and Israeli and US/Canadian research agencies.

Professor Östman has unique expertise in the biology of tumor microenvironment regulation with special focus on tumor associated fibroblasts and their role in cancer progression, and he has made important contributions in this field.