Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO


CCBIO is organized across six departments and four faculties. Its main activities, Principal Investigators and most of the other staff, are located at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry´s departments (FMD); Department of Clinical Medicine (K1), Department of Clinical Science (K2), and Institute of Biomedicine (IBM).


CCBIO organizational chart

The majority of CCBIO´s PIs also hold positions and funding at Helse Bergen and Helse Vest. In addition, CCBIO has activities and employees at the Departments of Informatics and Economics, the Center for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at the University of Bergen and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Research Management

In terms of science management, CCBIO is organized in three integrated research areas and programs (preclinical studies, biomarkers, clinical studies) and three associate programs (ethics, economics and bioinformatics) that support the three main research areas (see figure above). Lab space and core facilities are available for CCBIO, as is the Clinical Trials Unit at Haukeland University Hospital. The team of eight principal investigators have monthly meetings to discuss administrative and scientific issues and update each other on developments and progress. In addition to taking part in some of the monthly meetings, CCBIO’s associate investigators together with the principal investigators take part in a full day strategy seminar bi-annually. The monthly meetings and the bi-annual strategy seminars are important platforms for increased collaboration within CCBIO.

Management group

CCBIO is managed by the director, Professor Lars A. Akslen, codirector, Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen and the administrative leader, Geir Olav Løken, assisted by five finance officers and other administrative staff allocated to CCBIO in parts of their positions. The co-located offices for the CCBIO Management Group are in the main building of Haukeland University Hospital (Sentralblokken, second floor).

Center Council

The Center Council’s mandate is to provide advice to the CCBIO management team, mostly on administrative and some strategic issues, and to contribute towards ensuring that the activity at the center is in accordance with the contract with the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The Center Council has its focus mainly on potential local synergies, whereas the CCBIO Scientific Advisory Board addresses the scientific and international perspective. The Council is composed of the MOF dean (chair) and vice-dean for research, the heads of department from IBM, K1 and K2, the head of research from Haukeland University Hospital and the CCBIO and MOF directors as observers and the CCBIO administrative leader as council secretary.

Integration with host institution and administrative support 

In terms of administrative support, CCBIO aims to use its funds as efficiently as possible, ensuring excellent administrative services for its scientists and a good climate for collaboration with its department and institutional partners. Consequently, CCBIO is organized to retain full control over resources while the day to day administration is delegated to the involved departments. As a main principle, funds and positions are located at the department where the research takes place. This enables researchers to interact with their familiar support staff, thereby minimizing resources used on day-to-day administration and also gives CCBIO common interests with the departments. This model has been successful as it has proved to be efficient and robust, and has ensured excellent collaboration with the involved departments.