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Outside the birds are twittering in the warm sun. Inside are cold facts on biomarkers and immuno therapy, including research which may lead to cancer testing through urine samples. CCBIO's Annual Symposium offers a widespread program.
Henrica Werner received the 2015 Young Researcher Award from Onkologisk Forum. "The hope to give patients the for them correct treatment from the start, avoiding unnecessary side effects and ‘right-treatment delay’ in future through development of both prognostic and predictive biomarkers is what drives me", says the CCBIO postdoc and gynaecologist in an interview.
Have you ever struggled to cope with the complexity of cancer biology, while also trying to produce results that are relevant for the research community? Or maybe you've thought about the difficult gap between patients' expectations and what your science can actually provide?
CCBIO PI Lars A. Akslen and Postdoc Anna Blois (shared 1st author) are collaborators in a recently published study which shows that small peptides attack ovarian cancer on 2 fronts.
Professor Kreyberg's Prize is awarded every leap year day to the best dissertation in the field of pathology during the last 4 years. An award of NOK 100.000 goes this year to Dr.Med. Elisabeth Wik, Fellow at the Department of Clinical Medicine and CCBIO Postdoc.
14-15 January 2016, Roger Strand (SVT and CCBIO) took part in two events organized by the Initiative for the Humanistic Study of Innovation at Indiana University in Bloomington, US.
How does cancer spread? Cancer researcher Even Birkeland examines thousands of proteins to figure this out, in order to develop a better method for treatment.
Helse Vest's Research Prize was this year awarded to the Gynaecologic Research Group led by CCBIO PI Helga B. Salvesen. The Innovation Award went to James Lorens at BerGenBio and UiB, also CCBIO PI.
Perhaps we should issue a time frame on the public health bureaucracy, says CCBIO Director Lars A. Akslen, when considering the time it takes new drugs to be accepted to Norway.
CCBIO applied for 4,5 million NOK over 3 years and has now been granted INTPART-funding from the Norwegian Research Council (RCN) and the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU).
At this semester’s first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium September 17th, there was again large interest in participating at the seminar. More than 40 registered for the whole seminar and even more participated at selected presentations.
At the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers, future cancer researchers meet internationally renowned researchers as part of the education.
På Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) møter fremtidens kreftforskere dagens kreftelite, som en del av utdanningen.
Dr. Elisabeth Wik was awarded with 2nd best oral presentation at the European Congress of Pathology which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, September 5-9 2015.
Excited children and adults crowded the Research Fair when researchers at the Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) performed a play about the cancer cell Greedy Frieda.
Begeistra born og vaksne stod tett i tett då forskarar ved Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) framførte skodespelet om kreftcella Fråtse-Frida på Forskingstorget.
CCBIO’s Professor Helga Salvesen has been co-author of a study recently published in the renowned journal JAMA Oncology. The results of the study may indicate that cigarette smoke helps to activate an entire universal "cancer program" which are also present in cancer that are not usually associated with smoking, including breast and gynecological cancers.
Researchers have found five new genetic regions that make people more susceptible to malignant melanomas. CCBIO’s Lars Akslen is one of the Norwegian researchers who have been contributing to this international study.