Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET) is a new initiative at the University of Bergen, lead from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The main focus of the centre is to develop and promote interdisciplinary research on strategies, means and crossroads for climate and energy transformation in society – ‘pathways’.


Science for a better planet

A glowing interest in the climate challenges and the need for a transformation of society to minimize these changes made Kårstein Måseide apply for the job as research coordinator at CET. He wants to encourage broad, interdisciplinary climate research.


Workspace at the CET study room

Are you a master student working on topics related to climate and energy transformation? Then you can apply for a workspace at the CET Centre.

PhD course

New PhD course: Urban Transformations

Håvard Haarstad is co-organising a new PhD course on Urban Transformations to be held at the University of Oslo this fall.


The Collaboratory!

With inspiration from international networks, CET has now launched a new project that especially focuses on students and interdisciplinarity, all in an exploratory environment.


CET is moving into new offices!

Centre for climate and energy transition is moving into new offices in the 6th floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences