Centre for International Health

Welcome new students!
CIH has moved. You will find us in Jussbygg II, Jekteviksbakken 31 the next year, until summer 2018.


CIH’s research, teaching and capacity building in global health will contribute to improved health in the poorer countries of the world.

CIH will educate the best students in Global Health

CIH collaborates with partners at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care and the Faculty of Medicine as well as across Departments and Faculties at the University of Bergen (UiB), and at many other national and international institutions.

CIH hosts the Secretariats for the Norwegian Global Health Forum and the Norwegian Global Health Institute.

CIH hosts a Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC).

Semester start

Welcome New Students!

Things get started 10 August!


Admission to Exchange Studies

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Official Opening


The University of Bergen (UiB) has 3 strategic multidisciplinary focus areas. One of these, “Global Challenges”, was officially launched 15 May 2017.

New research project

Does prolonged malaria treatment save lives?

A new GLOBVAC project will examine whether it is safe and effective to routinely provide antimalarial drugs during the first three months after discharge from hospital.

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EADI Nordic Conference at UiB

"Globalisation at the Crossroads: Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries"