Genomics Core Facility (GCF)

The Genomics Core Facility (GCF) at the University of Bergen provides a wide range of high-throughput genomic services to the local and international scientific community. We offer an extensive set of technologies to study genome structure, dynamics and function using different commercial microarray technologies and Illumina next generation sequencing. In addition to our laboratory services, we deliver expert advice on experimental design and bioinformatics assistance and training. 

The UiB Genomics Core Facility is part of the Norwegian Genomics Consortium (NGC, formerly Norwegian Microarray consortium). NGC was funded by the FUGE initiative as the national microarray platform in 2002, and prolonged as a fruitful collaboration between the genomics core facilities of UiB, NTNU, University of Oslo and University of Tromsø after the end of FUGE in 2012.

The Genomics Core Facility is an Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSProTM) for BeadArray technology. The CSProTM program is a collaborative service partnership dedicated to ensure industry-leading data quality and service standards for genetic analysis applications.



Our service include whole genome gene expression microarray analysis using the Illumina microarray platform and the Agilent Microarray System. We also offer a DNA/RNA sequencing service, based on state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing (HTS) technology. 


Please contact us for more information regaring our genomic services. 

NGS application seminar

Invitation to Next-generation sequencing application seminar

Regarding our new Illumina HiSeq4000 sequencing system at the Genomics Core Facility we are happy to invite you to a NGS application seminar on Thursday September 8th, the seminar is hosted in a collaboration with Illumina.