Postgraduate course

Organization and Politics

  • ECTS credits15
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeAORG318
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageEnglish
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Level of Study

Postgraduate courses

Teaching semester


Objectives and Content

The aim of the seminar is to help the students understand and analyze the relation between organisation and public policy in a critical and independent manner. The seminar provides a review of selected approaches and discourses in each of theses subjects' fields, emphasizing relations between the two. The course provides empirically based knowledge on power relations in and between organizations in different sectors of society.

The content of the seminar is built around three interrelated topics:

1. The history of the department subject field, central themes, theoretical foundations and classical contributions.

2. The development of organization theory, the institutionalization of different schools of thought, controversies and discourses.

3. Different traditions and approaches to the study of public policy, organization and power.

Learning Outcomes


The student has acquired advanced knowledge of recent developments in organization theory and public policy, and how these two can be combined to understand and analyze organizational actions and behavior.


The student can adopt an independent and critical thinking towards the course material

General competence

The student can discuss , analyze and apply the course materials in answering relevant research questions and addressing research objectives.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

AORG101, AORG104, AORG103/AORG105/AORG107, AORG209/AORG210

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

Full overlap with AORG320

Access to the Course

The course is open for students who have been accepted to the Master's program at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory.

Teaching and learning methods

Seminars and lectures

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Presentation of a short essay on at curriculum based problem. In addition you are required to comment on a presentation from another student. Approved compulsory requirements are valid in the current and the following exam semester.

Forms of Assessment

One week homeexam (7 days) . Home exam 5000 words ( +/- 10%) and a school exam ( 4 hours) . The home exam and the school exam are equally weighted ( ½ + ½) and a joint grade will be given.

Grading Scale

Grading A-F

Course Evaluation

The course is evaluated every third year.


Department of Administration and Organization Theory


Contact Information

Department of Administration and Organization Theory


Exam information

  • For written exams, please note that the start time may change from 09:00 to 15:00 or vice versa until 14 days prior to the exam. The exam location will be published 14 days prior to the exam.

  • Type of assessment: Take-home ex. and written exam (New exam)

    Withdrawal deadline
    • Exam part: Written examination

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