Research Project in Biology

Study facts

Course codeBIO299
ECTS credits10
Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
Number of semesters1
Study levelUndergraduate Courses
Belongs toDepartment of Biology

Objectives and Content

BIO299 provides advanced Bachelors students with the opportunity to participate in field investigations in collaboration with an experienced biologist. Please notice that one cannot apply and be accepted for the course until it has been agreed a project with one of the scientific staff at the department. It is the student's responsibility to make any agreement on a project with the department. The student will receive a succinct summary of the advisor's research project, including the methods used and the reasoning behind the experimental design. The exact nature of the student's participation in the project will be defined by the supervisor. The extent of the course is defined by the credits awarded (10, which is 1/3 of a full-time workload), and should therefore be ca 200 hours of field/laboratory research, reading of assigned papers, and report writing. The timing of the course will vary depending on the schedules of the student and the supervisor.

Semester of Instruction


Forms of Assessment

Written exercise. Pass/fail.

Grading Scale