Undergraduate course

Qualitative Analysis

Level of Study


Teaching semester


Objectives and Content

The main objective is to nurture a basic understanding of the data production process in qualitative research. The knowledge acquired in this course is relevant for a Master´s degree in geography or for data production in concrete fields or settings. The literature and learning experiences from this course are relevant for fieldwork in own and other cultures.

The aim of this course is to learn good research practice in geography with a focus on theory that supports qualitative research. Central themes are research design, subjectivity and objectivity, critical reflexivity, research ethics, in addition to qualitative methods and techniques used in field research. Through this course you will learn how to develop a qualitative research design, hypotheses and research questions, and the application of field techniques with focus on interview methods, textual and document analysis, participation and observations (field methods).

Learning Outcomes

A student who has completed the course should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student has

  • knowledge about qualitative method and research design
  • knowledge about different qualitative research methods, and strengths and weaknesses of the different methods


The student can

  • discuss the content of a qualitative research project, through acquiring knowledge of qualitative methods and techniques.
  • independently assess methodological approach through preparation of an independent research project.
  • apply qualitative methods, such as interview, questionnaires, focus group and observation.
  • understand and experience the continuous process of a research project - through planning, collecting qualitative data, analysis and completion of text.

General knowledge

The student can

  • use and assess qualitative methods

Recommended Previous Knowledge

GEO121, GEO131, GEO151 or equivalent

Access to the Course

The course is open for students at UiB

Teaching and learning methods

1-2 lectures per week + seminar.

Total 5-6 lectures and 1 seminar.

The course is taught in January and February. Exam in February/March

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance


Forms of Assessment

Paper based on practical assignment, 40%

Written exam, 4 hours, 60%

Grading Scale

Grading A-F

Subject Overlap

GEO307 - 5 ects

Assessment Semester


Course Evaluation

GEO206 will be evaluated every third semester


Contact Information

Department of Geography

Studieveileder@geog.uib.no or advice.svfa@uib.no

Exam information

  • For written exams, please note that the start time may change from 09:00 to 15:00 or vice versa until 14 days prior to the exam. The exam location will be published 14 days prior to the exam.

  • Type of assessment: Essay and written exam

    Withdrawal deadline
    • Exam part: Paper based on practical assignment

      Submission deadline
      02.02.2018, 14:00
      Examination system
      Digital exam
    • Exam part: Written exam

      12.02.2018, 09:00
      4 hours
      Examination system
      Digital exam
  • Type of assessment: Written Exam (New exam)

    12.02.2018, 09:00
    4 hours
    Examination system
    Digital exam