Undergraduate course

Marine Geological Field-and Laboratory Course

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeGEOV231
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Resources

Semester of Instruction

Spring. This is a course with limited capacity.

Objectives and Content

The course gives a practical introduction to the application of marine geological and marine geophysical instrumentation and field methods (seismic, multibeam and sediment sampling). There will be a theoretical introduction on the methods applied in the field and on the laboratories. The students must carry out an interpretation on the acquired/retrieved acoustic data set and in addition describe and analyze the sediment core material.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course GEOV231 the student should be able to:

- plan a survey for acquiring shallow seismic data, bathymetry data and sediment cores

- perform interpretation and field- and laboratory analyses on the collected data

- present the dataset, methods, results and geological interpretation in a report were both the stratigraphy and the geological processes in the study area are described

Required Previous Knowledge

Principles of marine geology and geophysics.

Grading Scale

The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.