Technology, Culture and Society

Study facts

Course codeINFOMEVI201
ECTS credits15
Teaching semesterAutumn
Number of semesters1
Teaching language
Study levelUndergraduate Courses
Belongs toDepartment of Information Science and Media Studies


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Objectives and Content

The course aims at a theoretical specialization in the changing roles of the media and communication technologies. INFOMEVI201 seeks to shed light on the relationship between media, society and culture in a longitudinal historical perspective. The central issue that the course seeks to explore has two angles: On the one hand the course studies what role media and communication technology have had in the development of modern culture and society; on the other hand it aims to create an understanding of some of the social and cultural prerequisites that have made possible the invention and use of media technology. For this reason this course is less about the content of mass communication than it is about the media technology themselves.

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

The course will be arranged as a series of lectures and seminars throughout the term.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Compulsory participation in seminar group. Each student must hand in a seminar essay of 3-4 pages.

Semester of Instruction


Last time: Autumn 2014

Level of Study


Access to the Course

Open for all students at University of Bergen

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

- describe insights into the relationship between communication technology, society and culture in a longitudinal historical perspective-

- describe the origin and development of modern media and how new technology creates new forms of communication and interaction.

- conduct a critical evaluation of the relationship between communication technology, society and culture and how they affect each other.

- explain the relevance of media technology for the development of modern forms of culture and society.

reflect on the relationship between media technology and the context it appears in.

Required Previous Knowledge


Forms of Assessment

4 days take home exam

Grading Scale

The grading system has a descending scale from A to E for passes and F for fail.

Course Evaluation

The course is evaluated by the students every 3 years, and by the teacher every year.