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Occupational Health in Developing Countries

  • ECTS credits3
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeINTH660
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Dear student of Occupational Health in Developing Countries (INTH660).

On this site you are welcome to register for the exam in the period from Wednesday, November 22 until midnight (Norwegian time) on Sunday, November 26.

During this period, you will find a red sign up button that will lead you to the registration form:


  1. Please choose language «English» from the menu.
  2. Click «Apply for this course».
  3. In the new window, choose «Register new user».
  4. Be sure to register your date of birth.
  5. Unless you are a Norwegian citizen, or have a Norwegian ID number (11 digits) for other reasons, ID number is not applicable for you - do not fill in. If you do have a Norwegian ID, however, please fill in.
  6. You will receive a password to your e-mail account.
  7. Log in by using your e-mail address and the password you received.
  8. In the next window you are asked to upload documents. No documents are needed, so just continue by clicking «Fortsett søknad»
  9. In the new window, please choose the «Outside Norway address» mode, and register your full home address (street, postal code, town/city, country). This is essential information, without which we cannot register you for the exam. PO box addresses and company addresses are not accepted for home addresses, though you may register such addresses elsewhere in the form.
  10. Click «Complete» and you will receive a confirmation of your registration.



Centre for International Health,
Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

e-mail: studie@igs.uib.no

Tel: +47 55588569

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  • Type of assessment: Portfolio assesment

    Withdrawal deadline
    • Exam part: Quiz

    • Exam part: Assignment

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