Postgraduate course

Master's Thesis in Anthropology of Development

  • ECTS credits30
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeSANT355
  • Number of semesters1
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Semester of Instruction

Spring 2014, thereafter every 4th semester

Objectives and Content

For many, the master's thesis represents the conclusion of their university studies. In the thesis the student is to give an account of the thematic, methodological and theoretical premises upon which the work is based. The empirical material that is analysed must be presented in a clear manner, and emphasis is placed on a mastery of comparative ethnography and relevant theory in judging the thesis.

The thesis will constitute an independent piece of work based upon personal investigation. The theme for the research project is chosen by the student, in consultation with her/his supervisor.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

- Write an ethnographic text based on own research and analysed with the help of relevant theories applied from the course curriculum, the specific thematic chosen, and region of study.

- Work independently with complex empirical data and make choices of relevance.

- Produce a comparative, explorative and reasoned text based on own findings and features of the thematic field chosen.

- Manage proper devices of literature referencing, protecting informants and academic ethics.

- Contribute to a common pool of expert knowledge about own field of study.

Required Previous Knowledge

Completed the first year of the program; SANT304, SANT307, SANT309, SANT303

Completed fieldwork; SANT322.

Access to the Course

The course is available to students at the Master¿s Programme in Anthropology of Development

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

Individual supervision, periodic participation in seminars

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

The production of the thesis - of maximum 35000 words - through independent writing (obligatory, included in exam).

Forms of Assessment

Evaluation of thesis (A-F). There is no oral examination of the thesis.

Grading Scale

Grading A-F

Course Evaluation

All courses are regularly evaluated according to UiB's quality assurance system.


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