Digital Culture


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Course coordinator: Daniel.Jung@lle.uib.no

Digital culture is the study of social, cultural, ethical and aesthetic aspects of information- and communication technology (ICT). Our main focus area lies within digital art and culture, and the interaction between culture and technology.

Studying Digital Culture will enable you to critically reflect on tech culture and the history of technology in addition to giving you hands on experience in webdesign and creative web projects. You'll also learn about aesthetic modes of expression in digital media, such as electronic literature, digital arts and computer games.

Our Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students do research on subjects such as gender and technology, blogging, how teens use Facebook and how others refuse to use Facebook, webdesign, net art, kinetic poetry, women's use of technology in Bolivia, the digital humanities, identity in World of Warcraft, the Kurdish diaspora's use of social media, Twitter politics and haptic interfaces that don't make use of a screen and keyboard.


Poetics and Politics of Virtual Reality

What are the poetics of virtual reality? Can virtual reality artworks be political?

researcher to watch

Rewarded for her Snapchat Research Stories

Professor Jill Walker Rettberg studies how humans use technology and what it means to us as a culture.


International lecturers at Digital Culture

After a year with Digital Culture at UiB, Fulbright Scholar Kathi Inman Berens has returned to her home town of Portland.