Courses - Apply and Register

How to apply and sign up for courses

Many of you will need to know most of the courses you will take before you arrive at UiB, and you can therefore apply for courses in the application form. However, some of you will not get approval to take all courses you have applied for. What should you do then?

Please read on to find out what your options are in the tabs below.

September/October: Apply for courses - Søknadsweb

If you need to know which courses you can take early on in the process, be sure to make an effort when you choose courses in your application. Read carefully about the required and recommended previous knowledge, and contact the relevant department if necessary (contact information is listed in the course descriptions).

Apply at Søknadsweb by 15 October

You apply for the courses you want to take in your application at Søknadsweb.

Norwegian language courses: It will not be possible to add a Norwegian language course to your study plan later on in the process, as opposed to the other courses we offer, so please make sure that you add this to your application by 15 October.

We will make every effort to admit you to the selected courses, but admission and whether you can take a course depends on your academic background, the number of places available in each course, and finally the timetables of all your courses combined.

You will get the first feed-back on admission to the courses in early or mid November.

November: Early changes to courses - email us

First feed-back on courses

When we know which courses you can be admitted to (of the courses you have applied for), we will publish this at Søknadsweb. You will see which faculty you will belong to at UiB, and you will be asked to accept (or decline) the offer. If you have applied for a course and it's not listed at Søknadsweb, it means that we cannot offer you admission to that course.

You can safely accept the offer even if you want to make changes to your courses later.

Happy with the courses you are admitted to?

Then you can just wait until we email you with registration information by 15 December. More information in the tab below.

Do you need to choose additional courses in November?

Consider whether you need to find additional courses right away, or if you can wait until January. For some of you it will be easier to get advice on this when you arrive at UiB, but, can you wait until January or do you need feed-back on this before 15 December?

Get advice from your home university

Make sure that you discuss this with your home university as well: how flexible can you be when you choose other courses, and which courses can be approved by your home university.

Email us

If you can't wait until January to organise additional courses, email us at exchange-students@uib.no, listing the relevant course codes and course names. We will try to assist you, but we cannot guarantee that we can give you feed-back on all course requests before 15 December. Make sure you contact us as early as possible.

Exceptions: It will not be possible to add one of the Norwegian language courses to your study plan after 15 October.

December and January: Sign up for classes and exams - Studentweb

In the middle of December you will get access to Studentweb, the online registration service for students. We will email your personal UiB registration numbers and instructions on how to log on at 11 December.

Register and sign up

All UiB students are required to register each semester, and sign up for classes and exams for the courses you will take, at Studentweb. You sign up for classes and exams through your Education plan.

Education plan

The courses you are offered admission to will be listed in your education plan at Studentweb.

Students in Fine Art and Design: New procedures are being introduced for registration to these courses this spring semester. You will therefore receive more information from the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design about this in the middle of December.

Course schedules and exam dates

Before you sign up for courses, you should check the course schedules and exam dates to make sure that the classes and exams for your courses do not overlap.