Why UiB

Study in Norway

As a student at the University of Bergen you can experience the best Norway has to offer, such as quality education and spectacular nature.


Three students on top of Mount Ulriken with Bergen in the background
Study in Norway and get mountains and fjords as your extended campus area.
Eivind Senneset

The University of Bergen is situated in Norway's second largest city. Our students love the fact that they can enjoy a bit of city life with plenty of cultural events and simultaneously make use of Bergen's unique opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Why choose UiB?

In 2016 the University of Bergen received an award for Excellent International Student Satisfaction, based on almost 16,000 reviews from international students. This is only awarded to universities with an average rating of 9.0 or higher, on a scale up to 10. 

Quality education

The University of Bergen offers quality tuition-free education to all students, whether they are from an EU/EEA/EFTA country or not. While Norway’s high quality of life goes hand-in-hand with a higher cost of living, the cost of living in Bergen is compensated for by benefits such as free education, quality health care, and ready access to the natural environment. 

What can you study at UiB?

We have roughly 25 two-year master's programmes taught in English within the fields of humanities and aesthetic studies, medicine, natural sciences and technical subjects, social sciences and psychology, as well as fine art, music and designHere are five reasons for starting your master's at UiB

High English language proficiency

Students from outside Scandinavia who are considering studying in Norway may be concerned that there will be a language barrier. However, Norwegians generally have high English language proficiency, and learn English in school from the age of six. In fact, most Norwegians are fluent speakers of English.

What's special about Norway?

Norway is known worldwide as a peaceful and safe democratic country that favours equality. Norway is also known to offer a high quality of life in many aspects. Here are few examples of areas where Norway stands out: