On Campus

There are approximately 25 000 students in Bergen. About 14 500 of them are students at the University of Bergen. They are a familiar feature of Bergen's urban landscape, but most of all students are responsible for a lot of activities in the more than 160 student organisations, societies, clubs, and associations.


Three students sitting around a coffee table outside the Faculty of Social Science
Life on campus
Endre Hilleren
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    Student Activities

    As an international student at the University of Bergen, you are invited to find your place as an active participant in the various student activities in Bergen!

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    The Student Welfare Organisation (SiB)

    SiB is partly funded by the semester fee, and is responsible for housing, nurseries, cafeterias, counselling services, and sports facilities for students and employees. As a student at the University of Bergen you are automatically a member of SiB when you pay the compulsory semester fee, or on the basis of an exchange agreement.

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    Safety at UiB – our common responsibility

    UiB is continuously working to secure a safe environment for our students, employees and guests. To make sure UiB is a safe place for everyone, you should know about our safety procedures, first-aid and fire instructions.

  • Student Cafeterias
    SiB runs approximately 20on-campus cafeterias in Bergen, with a varied selection of menus, including vegetarian and healthy food.
  • University of Bergen Library
    The University of Bergen Library has more than 1,3 million books, of which 220 000 are e-books