Campus Life

The University of Bergen has around 14 500 students and our city campus make them a familiar feature of Bergen's urban landscape



Most of UiB's faculties, libraries and study halls are located close to Nygårdshøyden in the heart of the city, with a short distance to cafes, sports halls, parks and shops.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is located just outside the city centre on Årstadvollen, close to Haukeland University Hospital.



Student Organisations and Activities

Get involved and join one of Bergen's 160 student organisations and activities!

The Student Welfare Organisation (SiB)

SiB is partly funded by the semester fee, and is responsible for housing, nurseries, cafeterias, counselling services, and sports facilities for students and employees. As a student at the University of Bergen you are automatically a member of SiB when you pay the compulsory semester fee, or on the basis of an exchange agreement.

Student Housing

International students may apply for student housing to the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB).

Student Cafeterias

SiB runs approximately 20 on-campus cafeterias in Bergen, with a varied selection of menus.

Safety at UiB – our common responsibility

UiB is continuously working to secure a safe environment for our students, employees and guests. To make sure UiB is a safe place for everyone, you should know about our safety procedures, first-aid and fire instructions.

University of Bergen Library

The University of Bergen Library has more than 1,3 million books, of which 220 000 are e-books

Student Bergen

Student Bergen is a non-commercial website for everything associated with student life in Bergen.

Psychosocial learning environment

The psychosocial learning environment covers psychological and social factors that have consequences for satisfaction, health and ability to perform at the place of study.