Norwegian Courses for International Students

All applicants in the category ‘International Agreement and International Degree Students are entitled to one Norwegian language course during their stay at the University of Bergen.


Only students with granted admission to the University of Bergen will be considered for admission to the Norwegian courses. Norwegian language courses are given in addition to degree courses and are not a sufficient basic for admission to the University of Bergen.

Exchange students admitted for to the University of Bergen for at least one semester who applied for beginners courses in Norwegian, will mainly be admitted to the NOR-INTRO: Short Introductory Course in Norwegian Language and Culture.

Exemption can be given to exchange students who are studying Scandinavian languages and/or Scandinavian literature at their home institution.

International Master's students will  not be given admission to the intensive courses (NOR-U1/2) with a full semester workload.

Due to UDI regulations/ visa restrictions only master students that are EU/EEA/Swiss nationals will be granted admission to the Norwegian courses during their first semester of studies.


International students can apply for courses at different levels and may be attended along with other studies or as part of the regular study programme for non-degree students.

NOR-INTRO: Short Introductory Course in Norwegian Language and Culture.

Level NOR-U1 Beginners level

Level NOR-U 1/2 This begynners course cover two levels in one semester and require considerably more work than NOR-U1. Students with some basic knowledge of the language or students with Germanic language background, may choose this course.

Level NOR-U2 Intermediate level

Level NOR-U3 Advanced level

Level NOR-U4 - Higher level. Applicants must have a grade of C or better in order to be qualified for this course.

Placement test

Applicants who have not completed a Norwegian course at the University of Bergen previously, and wish to apply for courses at intermediate or higher level will have to take the online placement test. Applicants who need to take a test will be informed directly.

The test is for use in applicant placement only.

Applicants who have passed a Norwegian course at one of the other Norwegian universities may not have to take the online placement test. Documentation will be required.

How do I apply

Students must apply and upload the relevant documentation through the University of Bergen online application system Søknadsweb.

Online Application - Søknadsweb


NB! First time exchange students must apply for Norwegian courses as part of the general admission procedures.


In order to complete the application process you must upload the following documentation on the SøknadsWeb: 

  • Letter of admission to the University of Bergen (this applies to all students categories, including Erasmus Mundus  and students applying for a second course).
  • Other relevant information (if applicable)

Applicants to courses at intermediate or higher level (2, 3 or 4): You must submit relevant documentation if you have taken a Norwegian course at one of the other Norwegian universities.

Please note that your application will not be considered for admission if:

  • You have not provided complete documentation of your academic background and residence permit (does not apply for first time exchange and bilateral students).
  • The documentation you submit is not satisfactory.
  • You have not uploaded extension letter.

All information given on the application form must be documented. We request that you upload only documents that are relevant for your application for admission


  • 2 May for the autumn semester

  • 15 October for the spring semester 

It is the applicant's responsability to submit the application and provide the necessary documentation within the deadline. It is not possible to submit an application after the deadline expired.

Contact information

University of Bergen

Division of Students Affairs

P.O. BOX 7800, 5020 Bergen - Norway

e-mail: norskkurs@uib.no