Student Activities

As a foreign student at the University of Bergen, you are invited to find your place as an active participant in the various student activities in Bergen!


Bergen has a rich cultural life with a variety of festivals, concerts, museums, galleries and other attractions.

For an overview of cultural sights and activities, see and Utdanning i Bergen.

The oldest rock club in Norway is Hulen/The Cave, located in a bunker close to the Student Centre. It's run by student organisations and presents itself as a "cultural shelter" for students, with concerts and disco several nights a week. Det Akademiske Kvarter is run by students and here you can pop in for a quiet drink, or attend cultural events like concerts, student-theatre etc.

Off campus you find popular student hang-outs such as Garage and USF Verftet. Cafe Opera is also popular with students, serving inexpensive food, often in a combination with art exhibitions and mini-concerts.


Courses in just about every conceivable subject starts twice a year. There are two major organisations behind most of the courses offered: Folkeuniversitetet and AOF. The courses are offered to adults, and the prices are fairly low. So whether you like decorating pottery, learning health administration or mastering Greek, the choice is yours.

Bergen Public Library

Located between the bus station and the railway station, Bergen Public Library/Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek has reading rooms with foreign newspapers and magazines, a music department and a children's department. There are branch libraries in different parts of Bergen. All services at the library is free.




The Sports Section of SiB invites students to participate in a variety of sports activities, whether it be individual training or team sports.

Bergensstudentenes Idrettslag (BSI)/ The University Sports Club is the main student sports organisation for organised sports with various subgroups for indoor and outdoor activities like aerobics, fencing, judo, mountain climbing, indoor climbing, mountain cycling, football, floorball, volleyball, diving and others. BSI is open for all registered students and the club puts emphasis on both the physical and social aspects of its work.

Mountain Hiking - Summer and Winter


Religious Student Organisations

The Student Chaplain

The Church of Norway (Lutheran denomination) has assigned 2 student chaplains for work among university students. Regardless of your religious background or belief the student chaplains welcome students who find themselves in a troublesome or difficult life situation, or who want to discuss more fundamental questions.

The chaplains can also give information on church services and the different Christian student associations working on campus. The offices are located on the central University campus.

The state church of Norway

The Evangelical Lutheran Church is the official state church of Norway. Among the most prominent independent denominations are Roman Catholics, Methodists and Baptists. A number of religious and ideological organisations work especially among students.

Religious Communities in Bergen 

The Student Congregation
Jonas Reinsgt. 19, 5008 Bergen
Tel. 55584714/55545128

The Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway
Contact: Astrid Johanessen. Tel. 55582054

Christian Fellowship
Møllendalsbakken 6, 5009 Bergen

KIA (Christian inter-cultural work)
Vestre Muralmenning 15, 5011 Bergen
Tel. 55319838

The Catholic Church

Catholic studentpriest

The Catholic Church
Nygårdsgaten 3, 5015 Bergen
Tel. 55215950

Islamic Communities in Bergen

Abu-al-Fadel Islamic Cultural Centre
P.O. Box 1369, 5002 Bergen

Den Islamske Forening i Bergen (Bergen Islamic Association)
Nøstegaten 43, 5010 Bergen (main language: Urdu)

The Islamic Cultural Centre in Bergen
Vestre Strømkai 5, P.O. Box 4931 Nygårdstangen, 5028 Bergen
Tel./Fax 55960072 (main language: Arabic and Norwegian).



Student Organisations

International Student's Union (ISU) is predominantly dealing with the interests of international students enrolled in the University of Bergen. The main objective of the organisation is to help foreign students acclimatise in a new environment. ISU also works to create a better understanding between Norwegian and foreign students and organises cultural and social activities. The ISU office is located on the top floor at the Student Centre.

Studentersamfunnet (The Student Society) holds weekly meetings with lectures and debates where current topics are on the agenda.

StudVest is a weekly student newspaper which focuses on questions concerning education policies. The paper also includes cultural articles and debates.

Studentradioen transmits a variety of programmes on weekdays from 17-20, the weekends from 13-17 and Thursday nights from midnight till 06.00.

Bergen Filmklubb is Norway's largest film societyand is, together with Studentersamfunnet, considered one of the most important cultural institutions for students in Bergen.

The University Symphony Orchestra, also worth mentioning, is where the amateurs and professionals, students and staff, all join together.

Det Akademiske Kvarter, called Kvarteret, is a centre for extracurricular student activities run by students. One part holds mainly offices and meeting rooms, while the rest is a cafe, pub, and rooms for various social and cultural activities.

For a full overview of Student Organisations and activities, visit Utdanning i Bergen.




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