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Arrival and Directions

Arrival information and how to get around in Bergen and on campus.


A collage photo showing a student walking in the street, Bybanen passing the Geophiysical institute, streets of Bergen, students walking towards the Student Centre
We'll help you find your way around Bergen.
Eivind Senneset

We want to help your arrival go smoothly. Discover how to get to campus and around Bergen. See our suggestions based on arrival time below.

    Early Arrival

    Check in
    If you are using student housing and have arrived during the period of your SiB housing contract, check in and get your keys from SiB Housing Reception.  Check the regular opening hours of the Housing Reception on SiB's website. Note that SiB will offer extended opening hours in the beginning of August!

    Confirmation of arrival
    If you are an exchange student and need to have a Confirmation of Arrival form signed, please visit your Faculty Information Centre. The Semester Startup Help Desk can also sign your Confirmation of Arrival.

    Explore Bergen
    Arriving early? We recommend getting to know the city by visiting some of Bergen's many tourist attractions. We hope you enjoy our beautiful city!

    Get a jump-start on making connections by joining our Facebook group, UiB International Students 2016/2017. Please note that our Facebook group is only open to international students enrolled at UiB.

    Confirmation of arrival form

    Are you an exchange student who needs to have your Confirmation of Arrival form signed? Your Faculty Information Centre can assist. Or, visit the Semester Startup Help Desk to get a signature. 

    Late Arrival

    If you will arrive in town after 10 August, there are a number of details to attend to:

    Contact the faculty
    Consult the faculty/department(s) where you plan to study. They can determine if you’ll miss any required components. Please also note that UiB’s Norwegian language courses have mandatory attendance and lectures start by the end of August. 

    Make sure you are meeting registration deadlines
    We want you to get into all the classes you need, so make sure you don’t miss registration deadlines! Pay attention to general and course-specific deadlines. You will receive registration guidelines by email from the International Admission Team in early August. 

    Contact the Semester Startup Help Desk
    Please contact the Semester Startup Help Desk at the Student Centre as soon as possible upon arrival to collect your welcome packet if you arrive after 10 August. We will provide guidance regarding the checklist for new international students (a checklist describing the procedures that are necessary to complete in order to study at UiB). We welcome you to participate in any remaining parts of the Welcome Programme even if you arrive after 10 August. 

    Notify SiB Housing
    Arriving three or more weeks after your SiB tenancy agreement begins? You must notify SiB of your arrival date at bolig@sib.no. Otherwise SiB may cancel your tenancy agreement.

    SiB's Housing Reception

    Have you been assigned a room at one of SiB's student hostels? After arrival, check in and pick up your room key at SiB Housing Reception in the Student Centre (next to the Semester Startup Help Desk). 1 August is the standard starting date for housing contracts if you applied using the housing guarantee code.

    Opening hours Housing Reception

    Important Dates

    1 AugustStarting date for SiB's housing contracts
    10-15 AugustWelcome Programme
    Week 34-35Start of lectures at most of the faculties*

    *Please contact the departments/institutes where you'll be taking courses if you wish to know more. Some courses may start earlier. You can also check UiB's general semester dates

    Getting Around

    Buses and Bybanen
    Many students use buses or the Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) on a daily basis to get around in Bergen. These services are run by Bergen’s transit company, Skyss. The airport bus is run by another company, Flybussen SAS.

    Single tickets
    Single tickets for buses and Bybanen can be purchased before embarking

    A single ticket costs NOK 37 (as of May 2017). It is also possible to buy a single ticket on the bus, but that costs NOK 50 (as of May 2017).

    The Flybussen SAS airport buses to the city centre have different prices and arrangements.

    Travel card
    For daily use of buses or Bybanen, you should consider buying a periodic Skyss Travelcard or season tickets on the Skyss ticket app. The Skyss Travelcard can be acquired several ways:

    • It can be ordered on Day 1 of the Welcome Programme (Skyss will have a stand you can visit on Day 1).
    • It can be obtained after arrival in Bergen at Skyss' Customer Centres in town
    • It can be ordered online at Skyss.no.

    Remember, to receive a student discount on your Travelcard, you will have to provide sufficient documentation to prove that you are a student. And, if you travel with a student discount, always remember to bring valid student ID in case of inspections!

    Travelling to campus
    Most UiB faculties are located in the city centre (scroll down to attachments for a campus map).  If you live at Fantoft Student Hostel, you can catch the Bergen Light Rail to the city centre.

    The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is located outside of the city centre. To get there you can catch bus no. 2 or 3 from Småstrandgaten in the city centre. These buses also take you to Alrek Student Hostel (get off at the bus stop called Statsarkivet). The stops for Haukeland University Hospital are also available on these bus lines and come next after Alrek Student Hostel.

    In order to get to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Haukelandsveien 28) from Fantoft, you may take Bybanen (towards Byparken) and get off at Sletten senter.  The bus stop is very close to the Sletten senter Bybane stop, take Bus number 3 (towards Støbotn). You may get off the bus at Haukeland sjukehus S or Haukeland sjukehus N bus stop. Follow the signs to the hospital. Haukelandsveien 28 is about a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.   


    If you have a lot of luggage or have arrived so late that public transportation is not running, you may wish to get a taxi. You can call 05501 for Taxi1, 07000 for Bergen taxi or 08000 for Norgestaxi.

    Campus Bus

    UiB's campus bus has six daily departures between Nygårdshøyden via Haukeland to Kalfarveien 31. The bus picks up passengers at the following locations: Muséplass Square, The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Building, Bergen High Technology Centre, the Dentistry Building and Kalfarveien 31.

    Maps and directions
    See attachments for directions to different locations on campus and to the Fantoft student hostel. You may also have a look at this aerial view of the city.