Semester start

Looking forward to welcoming students

The start of a new semester is just around the corner and almost 600 international students are coming to study at the University of Bergen. Marte Nørve Årvik will be their hostess and she is looking forward to meeting the new faces.

’The university is delighted that so many international students have decided to study at the University of Bergen for a short or long period,’ says Ms Årvik.
This autumn, about  570 international students will be coming from more than 60 different countries.
’Meeting students from so many different countries and cultures is always exciting, and they contribute a lot to UiB, both academically and socially. For my own part, it’s also great to finally meet many of the people that I’ve exchanged emails with during the spring and summer face to face.’

Welcome at the airport

All the international students are sent practical information before arriving in Bergen.
’We welcome the students at Flesland airport, where we have a stand the weekend prior to the start of the semester, and we help with luggage and provide information about transport to Fantoft student village. A new feature this year is that we are also going to have a stand at Fantoft student village, where we will welcome students and try to answer any questions they might have,’ she says.
At Fantoft, the students who are moving in will receive a ‘start package’, which will include a blanket, coffee and a snack.

Practical information

On Tuesday 11 August – the first day of the introduction week – the students will be picked up by bus at Fantoft and taken to the Grieg Hall, where they will receive lots of practical information about being a student at UiB, including how to register and access the internet.
’On top of all the practical information, we also give them an opportunity to attend four lectures on Norwegian history, politics and culture in addition to a lecture about UiB’s university culture,’ says Marte Nørve Årvik.

Meeting the locals

A new lecture has also been introduced this year that takes a humorous look at Norwegian culture and characteristics of Norwegian life.
’We’re really looking forward to this “Meeting the locals” lecture,’ she says. ‘We want to give students an opportunity to attend a lecture that gives them some insight into what living in Norway is like. Coming to Norway is a huge culture shock for many of the students, and we hope to be able to prepare them for what they have in store. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for the students to get together and meet one another.’

In addition to the lectures, the students can also participate in a social programme for both the international students and new Norwegian students. Both ’Mentor week’ and ’Buddy Bergen’ are  held at the start of the semester.

Important information

At the moment, we are focusing on ensuring that all the students get the information they need.
’We are doing everything we can to inform the students about what they need before they come to Bergen,’ says Marte. She points out that it is important that all the students read the ‘Your Guide’ brochure, which they received along with their admission letter.
’They must also regularly check the “International student” website (students.uib.no), where UiB regularly updates information about the introduction programme, opening hours at Fantoft student village and other information,’ she emphasises.
If students wish to explore Bergen and Norway as tourists, we recommend that they check out the websites visitbergen.com and visitnorway.com.
There are not many days left until kick-off.
’We are now working on putting the last few pieces in place, and then it is simply a case of looking forward to the start of the semester,' concludes Marte with a big smile before she gets back to work. 

Watch our video from the student reception in january at UniBergen's YouTube-channel