The Course List

In the complete course list you will find course descriptions for all the courses our exchange students can apply for in the academic year 2017/2018.

The course list will be updated for the academic year 2017/2018 by 15 March 2017. There may be changes in the list before this date.



Each course description includes:

  • ECTS credits: Tells you how many ECTS credits you are awarded for each course. A full work load for one semester is 30 ECTS credits.
  • Teaching semester: Tells you whether the course is taught in autumn and/or spring.
  • Course code
    • 100-level: Bachelor's level courses.
    • 200-level: Can be included at both bachelor's and master's level.
    • 300-level: Master's level courses.
  • Number of semesters: Tells you if a course runs over 1 or 2 semesters.
  • Language: Tells you which language the course is taught in.
  • Resources (schedule and reading list): Tells you when there are lectures and seminars/workshops, and lists the course literature for the current semester.
  • Select semester: To make sure you get the most recent information, choose autumn semester 2017.