Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

Students participating in the Erasmus+ programme must have a Learning Agreement for studies, approved by the student and the sending and receiving institutions.

The Learning Agreement (LA) is issued by the sending institution and you should always follow the instructions given by your home university regarding your LA.

Bring your LA to UiB

UiB prefers that you bring your LA to Bergen and have it signed by your faculty here during the first weeks of your stay.

If your home university requires that your LA is signed by UiB prior to arrival in Bergen, you must follow the procedures described below.

Other procedures apply to students participating in the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility.

How to get your LA signed before arrival

How to get your LA signed

  1. Fill in the LA and sign it: You and the exchange coordinator at your home university must fill in the LA and sign it.
  2. Your LA as one pdf file: Make sure that you have an electronic version of your LA as a pdf file, containing all the pages of your LA in one file.
    Tips on how to merge pdfs.
  3. Email your LA to exchange-students@uib.no by 15 November.

If your LA is not signed by you or your home university, or if it's uploaded in the wrong format, we will not sign your LA.

UiB will sign the LA by 15 December at the latest.

How to fill in your LA

TOPIC: The receiving institution

  • Name: University of Bergen
  • Erasmus code: N BERGEN01
  • Faculty/department: - you can either leave these blank, or write the faculty/department where you will attend most of your courses -
  • Address: P.O. Box 7800, N-5020 Bergen
  • Country: Norway (NO)
  • Contact person name: Kristin Skogedal
  • Contact person e-mail/phone: exchange-students@uib.no

TOPIC: Planned period of the mobility:

- UiB's official semester dates -

TOPIC: Responsible persons in the receiving institution

The other fields should be filled in by the sending institution and the student.


Your LA must be signed by you (the student) and your home university before you email it to us.

UiB participates in the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) system

Online Learning Agreement (OLA) system

More than 300 universities and 7000 students have taken part in the testing of the OLA so far. At UiB we have tested OLA for two semesters for our outgoing students at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Comparative Politics, and about 70 of our students have so far submitted and signed their Learning Agreements online.

This semester we have also started testing the system for a handful of our incoming students. Our experience so far is that both students and university coordinators consider the OLA as an easy and more efficient way of signing the Learning Agreement.

How it works

  1. Student: Fills in the Learning Agreement in the online system. When complete, an email with a link to the OLA is sent to the international coordinator at the sending (home) institution.
  2. Sending institution: The coordinator signs the OLA online, and an email with a link to the OLA is sent automatically to the international coordinator at the receiving institution.
  3. Receiving institution: The OLA can then be signed online by the receiving institution.

You access the OLA at the official Learning Agreement Online System website.

During the mobility

It is also possible to adjust the OLA online during the mobility period.

OLA contact points at UiB