How to apply for exchange

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply for exchange to UiB.

Next steps


You have finished your application at Søknadsweb, so what's next?

In the tabs below, you can read about when you can expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance, when you should apply for housing and a study permit, and much more.

Prepare yourself for the next steps

We expect that you familiarise yourself with the information at this webpage after completing your application. This will ensure that you are always prepared for what comes next.


We will also send reminders and other useful information by email, so be sure to add exchange-students@uib.no and no-reply@uib.no to your address list to ensure that you receive everything directly to your inbox.

Admission process to UiB

15 October - 1 December: Processing period

Your application is processed in cooperation with the faculties and departments.

15 October - 15 November: Letters of Acceptance

  • Are published on Søknadsweb.
  • Are published continuously as soon as we know that we can offer you admission.
  • You will be notified by email when your letter has been published.
  • The sooner you complete your application, the sooner you will receive your Letter of Acceptance.

Please note that we may not know which courses we can offer you when we publish your Letter of Acceptance, but this will be published at Søknadsweb as soon as it is ready.

"Under consideration"

The status of your application will be set to Under consideration at Søknadsweb until we have finished the processing completely and we can publish the courses you will get admission to.

    Individual deadlines: Accept the offer of admission

    When we know which courses we can offer you, we will publish this at Søknadsweb. You will see which faculty you will belong to at UiB, and you will be asked to accept (or decline) the offer of admission and courses at Søknadsweb.

    Apply for student housing

    1 October - 1 November: Apply for housing

    You must apply to Sammen for student housing if relevant.

    Students on the Short-term psychology programme must apply according to these specific instructions.

    Shortly after 1 November: Housing offer

    You will be notified by Sammen when your housing offer is ready. You must accept the offer shortly after, so be sure to check your email regularly.

    Accept the housing offer, even if you are still waiting for your Letter of Acceptance from UiB. If necessary, it is possible to cancel your housing offer later (before 15 December).

    Apply for a study permit

    15 October - 1 December: Apply for a study permit

    Immediately after receiving your Letter of Acceptance, you should apply for a study permit. How you proceed, depends on your citizenship and how long you will stay in Norway.

    Part of these preparations is also to organise insurance.

    Plan your arrival

    Read our advice on how to ensure a soft landing in Bergen by planning your study abroad experience.

    Students on the Short-term psychology programme should consider other dates than students staying for a semester or longer.

    Sign up for courses

    From week 50 (mid December): Sign up for courses

    You will receive instructions on how to sign up for courses by email in early December.