How to apply for exchange

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply for exchange to UiB.

FAQ - Exchange students


Frequently asked questions from our exchange students.


When can my home university nominate me?

Your home university can only nominate you when our online nomination system is open:

  • Start autumn semester (August): 15 March - 15 April
  • Start spring semester (January): 1 September - 1 October

Do you accept students who are not nominated?

No. In order to apply as an exchange student to UiB you must be nominated by your home university on an existing exchange agreement, or apply through the Russian-Norwegian Study Grant Programme. Contact your home university to find out if you can be nominated as an exchange student to UiB.

UiB does not accept free-movers.

Can I apply before I have been nominated?

Unfortunately not. In order to apply as an exchange student you must have been nominated by your home university first.

How do I know if my home university has nominated me?

When your home university has nominated you, you will receive two e-mails from us. One with instructions on how to apply, the other with your password for Søknadsweb.

Remember to check your spam filter.

I have been nominated by my university, but I haven't received an email with log in information. What should I do?

  1. Check whether it is actually possible for you to be nominated. Your home university can only nominate you when our online nomination system is open:
    • Start autumn semester (August): 15 March - 15 April
    • Start spring semester (January): 1 September - 1 October
  2. Contact your home university to make sure that your home university has nominated you in our online nomination form, if we are now in the nomination period.
  3. Check your spam filter.
  4. Go to Søknadsweb's log in page - choose International Applicant - choose Send me a new password, and use your email address to order a new password. If you are in our system, you will receive a new password within a couple of minutes.
  5. Finally, if it seems that you are not in our system, please email us at exchange-students@uib.no.

Søknadsweb - login and personal info

At the login page for International Applicants I can Register new international applicant. Should I?

No! You should not register as a new international applicant. Our admission for exchange students is by invitation only, and you will not find the admission for exchange students if you register as a new applicant.

You must log in with your email address that was registered by your home university when they nominated you. If it doesn't work, email us at exchange-students@uib.no.

What does the question "Do you have higher education from another university or college" mean?

Please select Yes. It is simply a control question and will not have any implications for your application.


I have chosen many courses in my application on Søknadsweb. Will I have to attend all of them if I am granted admission?

No, you don't have to attend all of them. The courses you are offered admission to will be listed in your education plan at Studentweb from late June / early December. You can make changes to your education plan by deleting or adding courses if needed. You will be able to make many changes yourself, while other changes may need to be approved by the relevant faculty.

When will I know which courses I have been granted admission to?

If you have applied for open courses, you can assume that you are admitted to them.

If you have applied for courses that require faculty approval, you will receive information about whether you are admitted to them in late June/ early December. More information under Admission process.

If you have other questions about courses, find more information at courses for exchange students.


How do I upload documents?

Once logged in, you can upload documents to Søknadsweb at any time. Choose My documents from the top menu and from there upload your documents.

If you can't find the top menu, click on the three white stripes in the top left corner and you will find My documents in the drop down menu.

What should the letter from my parents documenting funds contain?

The letter from your parents as documentation of funds must contain the following:

  • Confirm the relationship with the student (mother, father or legal guardian).
  • Confirm that the person will support the student's stay in Norway financially during the whole exchange period.
  • Confirm the amount and exchange period.
  • Signature.

Upload it to your application as a pdf (or jpg).

Submit application

At Søknadsweb there is no button to officially send my application, so do I just leave it and it will be dealt with?

Søknadweb does not have a button to officially submit your application. Your application is officially complete when:

You can change your application until the deadline 1 May (start autumn semester) or 15 October (start spring semester). The status of your application will be Under consideration on Søknadsweb until we have finished the processing of your courses.

    My application status says Under consideration. What does it mean?

    This status will appear as soon as you have started to fill out your application, and will stay the same until we have processed your application, including all courses that need faculty approval.

    Letter of Acceptance

    When will I receive my Letter of Acceptance?

    Letters of Acceptance are published on Søknadsweb continuously as soon as each application has been processed and we are sure that we can grant you admission to UiB. You will be notified by email when your letter has been published.

    You will usually be notified about which courses you are admitted to later in the process.

    The sooner you complete your application, the sooner you will receive your Letter of Acceptance.

    I know other students from my university who have received their Letter of Acceptance, but I haven't yet. Is that normal?

    Yes! Students from the same home university will not necessarily receive their Letter of Acceptance at the same time. We publish Letters of Acceptance once or twice per week throughout this period as soon as the applications have been processed, regardless of which home university the student belongs to.

    The processing of a student's application can be delayed for several reasons, the most common one being that we are missing one or more of the required documents. In these cases we will email the student directly with information about what is missing and what the student should do next.

    Please check your email (including spam filter) regularly!

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