Division of Research Administration

SPIRE - Seed money

The Strategic Programme for International Research and Education (SPIRE).

The Strategic Program for Research and Educational Cooperation (SPIRE) aims to support the University of Bergen's Strategy and Action Plan for Internationalisation 2016-2022. Internationalisation is an important instrument for strengthening the University's allocation of external research funding (BOA) and enhancing academic quality.

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications for seed funding to establish new research and/or education cooperation as a basis for project applications. Plans for application for external funding are a prerequisite for granting permission.

Who can apply
Academic members of staff at all Faculties, Departments and Centers at the University of Bergen can apply.

Categories for application for funds
You can apply for SPIRE funds from the following two categories:

1. SPIRE funds for international networking and partnership cooperation.

  • Resources for international network/partnership cooperation.
  • The support is to be seen as seed funding for the initiation and development of new international research and education cooperation. Activities that can be supported under this category are costs of arranging international workshops/conferences and travel for establishing contact and collaboration with new international partners.
  • A maximum of NOK 100,000 can be awarded in support per application.
  • Plans for application for external funding are a prerequisite for granting permission.

2. SPIRE - Visiting Researcher Grant.

  • These funds will cover costs (travel, accommodation, food, transport) by inviting a foreign guest researcher for a 1, 2 or 3 month stay. There are no restrictions on countries and partners.
  • Guest researchers must at least be on postdoctoral level (no applications for funding for PhD candidates may be requested).
  • A maximum of NOK 15,000 can be granted in support per month per application. In addition, funding for the researcher's travel expenses may be sought. Note: SPIRE funds cannot be paid as a salary/scholarship directly to the guest researcher. Application Process
  • The applicant must use the standard SPIRE application form to apply for funds. It must be clearly stated in the application from which category it is applied for funds.
  • Applications must be signed by the head of department.
  • Signed applications from the departments are forwarded to the Faculties for further assessment and ranking. Each Faculty must rank all applications received in each category 1 and 2.
  • The Faculty then sends the ranked applications in each of the categories 1 and 2 to the Department for Research Administration within the application deadline, Thursday, March 1, 2018.

All applicants receiving 2018 SPIRE funds are required to submit a final report by October 31st, 2019. The report should be short (maximum 2 pages) and include a summary of results and benefits of the project. Scheduled applications for externally funded projects must be mentioned.