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SDG Conference is to be annual event

At the SDG Conference Bergen, Rector Dag Rune Olsen promised to make the University of Bergen climate neutral by 2030. The university will also host an annual conference on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UiB Alumni

Ph.D. Career Seminar: How to Sell Your "Analytical Skills" to an Employer?

With a Ph.D., you have endless possibilities. However, if your dream about a permanent job in academia does not come true – how do you sell your analytical skills to an employer? Attend the UiB Alumni Ph.D. Career Seminar, get first-hand information and advice from alumni, and experienced recruiters.

Horizon 2020

Humanities scholars attract foreign researchers to Bergen

Thanks to EU funding, the Digital Culture, Archaeology, Philosophy and Theory of Science researchs groups will welcome new international researchers to their team. These groups at the Faculty of Humanities received five out of seven Marie Curie grants awarded to UiB.

UiB's Brussels Office

Why organise a study tour or event in Brussels?

Coming to Brussels can be time consuming and doesn’t always fit with your agenda. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to invest some of your time to do so. And this is exactly how you should look at it: as an investment.


Office 365 available for UiB employees

Office 365 is now available for all employees at the University of Bergen.

Security centre at UiB: +47 55 58 80 81 (staffed 24-hours a day)

If there is a risk to life, health or safety, you must always first notify the fire brigade (110), police (112) or ambulance services (113)

Safety at University of Bergen