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Election of new members of the University Board

Election of new members of the University Boardk takes place from 8th - 12th of May

Announcement - Election to the University Board 2017

A: Rector and Pro-rector

The Rector and Pro-Rector will be elected as a pair.

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 1200 p.m.
Election period: March 30 until April 5 2017. Voting will begin on March 30 at 09:00 and continue till April 5 12:00 p.m.

How to put forth a proposal:

To be valid, the proposal the following requirements apply:

  • it must include both a candidate for Rector and a candidate for Pro-Rector, they are elected as a pair
  • it must be in writing and signed by at least five members of staff and/or students
  • no one may sign more than one proposal

Both internal and external rector candidates may be proposed

B: University Board

Election of members and substitute members representing the university staff as follows:

  • Two members and four substitute members from Group A (permanent academic staff)
  • One member and three substitute members from group B (temporary academic staff )
  • One member and three substitute members from group C (technical and administrative staff).

New extended deadline for proposals Group B: April 21, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.
(These are three separate elections, taking place at the same time.)
Election period: May 8-12 2017.   Voting will begin on May 8 at 09:00 and continue till May 12 at 12:00 p.m.

How to put forth proposals to members of the University board

  • The proposal must be writing and signed by at least three persons of the constituency (groups A, B and C each represent a constituency)
  • No one may sign more than one proposal.

For students (group D), the election will be administered by the Student Parliament. The voting will take place from March 28  to April 5.
Election period: March 28 -April 5 2017. For more information: http://www.studentvalg.no

Send your proposals to : University of Bergen, The Central Election Committee, P.O. Box 7800, 5020 BERGEN. The proposal may also bee scanned and sent by e-mail to valgstyret@uib.no  or delivered at Muséplassen 2.

Remember to check whether you are registered to vote.