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Election of Rector

Meet candidate for rector and pro-rector

Meet candidate for rector, Dag Rune Olsen and candidate for pro-rector, Margareth Hagen

Election of Rector

The Central Elction Comittee invite you to Egget, Studentsenteret, on Monday, 27th of March from 1.PM - 3.PM to meet Dag Rune Olsen (candidate for rector) and Margareth Hagen (candidate for pro-rector).  Joining their rector team are Robert Bjerknes og Oddrun Samdal as vice-rectors.

Ask questions and use your right to vote

The meeting is poen to staff and students who are elegible to vote.  If you have questions to the candidates, you may do so during the meeting or you may email them in advance to valgstyret@uib.no

The Central Election Committe encourage staff and studens to participate in the meeting to hear what plans and thoughts Dag Rune Olsen and Margareth Hagen have for UiB for the years to come.

Watch the meeting live