EnPe Collaboration

University of Bergen has been taking part in the Norad EnPe program by running a project at Department for Earth Science since 2012 (EnPe Phase I 2012 -2015). In EnPe Phase II 2016-2019, we continue our good collaboration between Makerere University, University of Juba and University of Bergen.

The collaboration's main aim is to strengthen petroleum related research and education at Makerere University and University of Juba in order to support these young petroleum economies with a workforce in demand in addition to stimulate applied geoscience research.

The collaboration further aims to facilitate regional networks in education and research through cooperation between Makerere and Juba.

The EnPe collaboration's include, but are not limited to :

  • Funding of MSc students, PhDs and post.doc fellowships
  • Provide consultancy services and assessment to improve courses of study
  • Support sustainable research environments as computer labs and advanced instrumentation for research lab.
  • Continued training of Makerere and Juba staff and students through participation at UiB courses, international seminars and workshops