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Focusing on the wealth of information gleaned from the recent Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project (FAR-DEEP), “Reading the Archive of Earth’s Oxygenation” is a veritable atlas for current knowledge of a literally life-changing period in Earth’s history.
2013 has begun, and so have the studies of two CGB students in our PhD programme. We are pleased to welcome Jan Vander Roost and Sven Le Moine Bauer to Bergen and to our team.
CGB researcher Dr. Romain Meyer joins IODP vessel JOIDES Resolution to explore evolution and formation of deep oceanic crust
The Portuguese edition of Professor Haakon Fossen’s textbook «Structural Geology" was recently released in Santos, Brazil, South America.
Why spend Christmas, New Year’s Eve and 58 additional days on board of a research vessel in the Pacific?
Norway has longstanding traditions exploring and conducting research in the high latitude oceans. No we are part of a large international marine research program.
A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Centre for Geobiology (CGB) have published their findings about how the geochemicial stratification in seafloor sediments correlates with stratification within microbial communities also found there.
Year 2011 has truly been an eventful year for the Centre for Geobiology (CGB).
In a new nature geoscience article Dr Philippe Steer, professor Ritske Huismans and collaborators shed new light to an old scientific controversy.
Cindy Van Dover will give her honorary doctorate lecture Thursday 30 August, in Realfagbyget’s Auditorium 4, at 14:15.
Harvey Smith professor Cindy Van Dover receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Bergen
The Bjerknes Centre invites to 10 Year Anniversary Conference September 3-6 2012
The Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses (ACDC) are a series of annual summer schools focusing climate dynamics
Professor Brian Robins is retiring after 41 years at the University of Bergen and 50 years since his first field trip!
Nil Irvali defended her PhD thesis Thursday 29. March 2012.
Professor at Department of Earth Science, Univerity of Bergen, Joachim Jacobs, participates in The international expedition Geodynamic Evolution of East Antarctica 2 (GEA-2)
Grand Old Man of the Norwegian Quaternary Geology, Bjørn G. Andersen, died January 12