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Week 13

28. March — today (2)

Gunnar Eskeland (NHH): Transport and Urban Development (Presentation)
Malgorzata Cyndecka (Faculty of Law): EU/EEA State aid rules and energy issues (Presentation)

29. March — tomorrow (1)

GFI/BCCR Seminar: Revisiting Atlantic-European weather regime (Lecture)

30. March — thursday (1)

GFI/BCCR Seminar: Ocean-glacier interactions in Greenland: fjord dynamics and heat transport (Lecture)

Week 14

03. April — monday (1)

GFI/BCCR Seminar: Permafrost Carbon-Climate Feedbacks and Uncertainties in Earth System Models (Lecture)

04. April (1)

Birgitte Rugaard Furevik: The potential for wave energy in the North Sea (Presentation)

05. April (1)

The Norwegian energy market (Seminar)

06. April (1)

The ocean breathes – or how CO2 is transported to the ocean interior (Lecture)

Week 16

Week 17

25. April (1)

Jarle Berntsen: Tidal current energy (Presentation)

Week 18

02. May (1)

Gudmund Olsen (Statoil): Hywind + Guided tour at the wave tank (Presentation)

03. May (1)

GFI/BCCR Seminar: Stirring of the Deep Western Boundary Current (Lecture)

Week 19

09. May (2)

Esmeralda Colombo: Legal Control and Enforcement over National Energy Plans (Presentation)
Solar panels in Bergen - Lessons learnt (Presentation)

Week 20

16. May (1)

Claes Eskilsson (Chalmers): Wave Energy (Presentation)

Week 21

22. May (1)

GFI/BCCR Seminar: Foehn flows and ice shelf melt in the Antartic Peninsula (Lecture)

Week 24