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Week 16

20. April — today (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 17

23. April — monday (1)

Who is afraid of a watchdog for human rights? (Seminar)

Week 19

12. May (1)

Väntans proportioner: Ett seminarium om konst, forskning och migration (Seminar)

Week 23

07. June (1)

Andreas Fuchs (Heidelberg University): The Effects of Foreign Aid on Refugee Flows (Seminar)

Week 24

11. June (2)

Will the ocean provide more or less food for humanity? (Lecture)

15. June (2)

The Jekyll and Hyde aspects of breastfeeding (Lecture)
Tobacco: a global challenge (Lecture)

Week 25

18. June (1)

Higher Education as a Global Challenge (Event)

21. June (1)

Global Health, Uncertainty and Complexity (Event)