Faculty of Humanities

Centre for Academic Writing

The Centre for Academic Writing is a service intended to help students develop their academic writing skills.


The Library of Arts
The Centre for Academic Writing is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-15.

The Centre offers workshops, seminars and individual tutorials in writing papers to bachelor and master students at the Faculty of Humanities.

Depending on your wishes and needs, we can help you get started with writing, with information searches and the writing itself. We can read texts that you are working on and do an individual session on how to improve your text.

Book an appointment through our booking system, or drop in for a chat. You'll find us at the Arts Library, Haakon Sheteligs plass 7.


 What do you get when you come for a tutorial?

  • You can book a tutorial session related to your individual requirements: brainstorming ideas, setting up the framework, revising drafts or finishing the text.
  • The tutor will at first address any questions or concerns you might have, and then work with you to explore other ways of improving the draft.
  • A session normally lasts half an hour
  • You can also book a follow-up session with either the same or a different tutor

How can you get the most out of your session?

We ask that you take responsibility yourself for preparing for each session. We cannot “fix” your text, but we can help you become a better and more confident writer.

Your responsibilities:

  • Bring a copy of the assignment wording
  • Bring any notes, ideas and drafts
  • Bring something to write on (paper, laptop)
  • Before your session you should consider what you wish to gain from it, tell your tutor what you want to work on
  • Book your appointment well ahead of the hand-in date of your paper. Our tutors cannot help you if you don’t have time to revise the text after your consultation.

The tutors responsibilities:

  • The tutor will begin by focusing on what you think needs to be done to improve your draft
  • The tutor will make suggestions, not teach you or grade your work
  • The tutor will ask questions to help you develop your draft
  • The tutor will discuss these issues with you; angle, developing the content, organising the material and being conscious of target readership.  

What the tutor will not do:

  • Correct or proof-read your texts
  • Write the text for you
  • Guess or estimate which grade you might get



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