Department of Physics and Technology

Department of Physics and Technology

The department's 7 research groups and  engineers are the foundation for a broad spectrum of research, education and innovation. The activity ranges from basic and cutting edge physics on the composition of the universe, to high technology in interdisciplinary areas like energy and petroleum, measurement science and technology, and medical physics and technology. Take a look at the IFT-matrix for an overview and more information on what we do, what we offer and who is engaged in what.

PhD project

Exploring antimatter: Building a position sensitive detector for antihydrogen

According to the well-known equation E=mc2, mass and energy are equivalent. If a huge amount of energy is concentrated in a tiny space, particles with certain mass are produced. These particles are always created in pairs, that is, energy can transform into matter only when the latter is accompanied...


Eight UiB projects receive FRIPRO funding

Eleven Bergen-based research projects are to receive funding through the Research Council of Norway’s FRIPRO scheme. Eight of these projects are at the University of Bergen.

PHD Project

Aerosols and aerosol optical properties in Bergen

The solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere is attenuated before it reaches the earth's surface. The attenuation is due to extinction (scattering and absorption) by particles and molecules in the atmosphere. If the solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere is known, the radiation...

Research centres at IFT

Department of Physics and Technology has an extensive international collaboration including CERN and the European Space Agency (ESA). The department is also hosting one Centre of Excellence (SFF), is actively involved in one Centre for Research based Innovation (SFI), and is contributing to two Research centres for Environmental friendly Energy (FME).