Department of Informatics

Where to find us

The street address of the department is Høyteknologisenteret i Bergen, Thormøhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen.

Kart som viser bygninger og steder i Bergen knyttet til UiB.

Map of main campus area.
Map of main campus area.

All references are made to the map below. Høyteknologisenteret is on the upper left edge of the map, building 1. The Department of Informatics is located in the rightmost of two connected buildings (kown as "Datablokken" in Norwegian). The main office is on the 3rd floor ("4. etasje" in Norwegian).

If you arrive by: 


From the airport you can either take a taxi to Høyteknologisenteret (20-25 minutes, cost approx. 400 NOK) or you can take an airport coach to the main bus terminal ("Busstasjon" in Norwegian) (30-35 minutes, cost 90 NOK) and walk (10 minutes). 


From the train station ("Jernbanest" in Norwegian) you can walk (15 minutes). 


Many of the streets in Bergen are one way so it is easy to get lost. However, all major roads leading into Bergen end up in the spaghetti junction shown on the left side of the map below. Untangle yourself from this junction on "Fjøsangerveien", E39 and head straight towards the center of the town. Before you reach the small lake, placeplace yourself in the right lane. After the first traffic lights, follow the lane to the right so that you are heading back on E39. You are now travelling in the opposite direction on the road you just arrived on. At the next traffic lights make a right turn down "Hans Tanks gate". place yourself in the left lane and turn left at the traffic lights. You are now (again) heading down "Lars Hilles gate". Follow this to the roundabout in "Nygårdsgaten" (500 meters). On the roundabout take the first exit to the right. You're now in "Thormøhlensgate". Høyteknologisenteret is the first (grey/blue) building on your left side. There is a parking area to the left of the next building (Vilvite center) where you can pay for a whole day (cheaper if you are staying more than a few hours). yourself in the leftmost lane. Turn left heading down "Strømgaten". Again place yourself in the left lane and make a new left turn down "Lars Hilles gate". Now

Note that due to major construction work being done driving routes are not stable in Bergen! It is best to get in contact with your host to get accurate directions before you attempt to drive into Bergen.