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Courses for Exchange students

The University of Bergen offers a large number of courses taught in English at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. You can find course descriptions for the courses that are taught in English and other foreign languages in the academic year 2013/14 here

The application form for exchange students is available on our website between

15 March-15 May (for admission to the autumn semester or a full academic year)
1 Sept-15 Oct (for admission to the spring semester)

Each course is assigned a three-digit number, where the first digit is either 1 (100-level courses), 2 (200-level courses) or 3 (300-level courses). 100-level courses are beginner's courses. 200-level courses involve some specialisation, while 300-level courses involve a higher level of specialisation. Normally, 100-level courses may only be included at bachelor's level, while 200-level courses may be included at both bachelor's and master's level. 100-level courses and 200-level courses are listed as undergraduate courses. As a rule, 300-level courses may only be incorporated into master's programmes and are listed as postgraduate courses.

Course descriptions and ECTS credits
Click on each course to check which semester the courses you wish to apply for are taught to make sure that they are offered during your study period in Bergen. You can also find a course description, number of ECTS credits etc. here. Please check if the courses you wish to apply for require any pre-requirements. You can find this under ‘Course description’ for each course. Applicants to Norwegian language courses can check the course descriptions here. Please note that the Norwegian courses amount to between 10-30 ECTS credits and have mandatory attendance throughout the semester.

A full work load for one semester is 30 ECTS credits, but we recommend that you choose courses amounting to more than 30 ECTS credits in case some of your choices are not approved, or if some of the courses have overlapping time schedules etc. Further queries about courses may be directed to the faculty or department.

Applicants to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers several courses with field trips, lab work etc. which have limited capacity. For this reason we encourage all applicants to this faculty to apply as early as possible when the application form has opened. Please note that the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences may offer additional courses that are not available for admission before semester start in August/January.

Applicants to the Faculty of Humanities
The Faculty of Humanities offers a number of courses taught in other foreign languages, such as French, German, Italian and Spanish, and courses in Norwegian philology and literature (taught in Norwegian) that may be relevant for exchange students with a good command of Norwegian. Please note that there are specific admission requirements for all exchange students who wish to take English courses at the Department of Foreign Languages. Please have a look here if you intend to apply for English courses.


How to apply

 Read more abut how to apply here