Imagining and experiencing the 'refugee crisis' (IMEX)

The IMEX-project investigates both the experiences of the recent Syrian diaspora in Europe and of the majority population in Norway. We draw on panel data, qualitative interviews, and fieldwork in local communities to investigate zones of negotiation and meeting points between the majority and the minority in the wake of the 'refugee crisis'. Read about what we will do in the work packages (WPs) here:

WP 1 Syrian refugees in Norway

WP 2 Citizen opinions about refugees

WP 3 Local mobilization and relations

WP 4 Diaspora mobilization in Europe

IMEX research

Receives large grant for immigration research

Principal investigator for IMEX, Susanne Bygnes, received a substantial FRIPRO-grant to carry out research on immigration and the 'refugee crisis'. Read more about the grant here, i "På Høyden" in Norwegian.
IMEX research

Master thesis inspired the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Kristine Wenaas, master in sociology, presented fresh research to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in June 2017. Wenaas was a part of the IMER-network in Bergen, and the pilot project of IMEX. Read more about the thesis here (in Norwegian).